Complete Insurance

            for the

Pet Care Professional

Is Canadian PetPro for you?


You may be eligible for our program if the majority of your operations include the following services:

  • Go to client’s home to feed pets, let them out for a break, give medication, take them for a walk or just keep them company

  • Provide doggy daycare, boarding of pets.

Important Points

  • Do not need business or business name to be registered.

  • Required to abide by bylaws regulations.

  • You DO NOT have to be a member of an affiliation to qualify for the program.

  • You and your employees will be bonded and insured within the limits of the policy (must be over 18 and no criminal record for all coverage to apply).

  • Coverage is extended for up to 5 employees (must be over 18 and no criminal record for all coverage to apply) – more employees will increase premium.

  • Written Instructions for medication must be received by owner or vet.

  • Pet Taxi covered – this means Pet coverage (NOT auto insurance).

  • Boarding of animals is covered – up to 8 at one time.

  • Grooming, Poop & Scoop, and Housesitting – are covered on an incidental basis.

  • Pets covered - Household pets are included. Coverage excludes: farm animals, exotic animals, and animals prohibited as household pets by law.

  • Overnight stays at your or client’s home are covered.

  • Provide coverage for Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan.